Cftc approves record $30 million award jp morgan, The cftc has finally approved what is expected to be the largest award in the history of its whistle-blower-awards program: according to bloomberg, the commission has authorized a $30 million award for information about jp morgan neglecting to inform its wealthy asset-management clients about conflicts of interest involving the bank's. Here' $100,000/oz silver conservative estimate, But we're still not at "fair market value" as there is another monster short bubble that needs to be unwound 5) the winding down of the outrageous and manipulative silver derivative positions held by both jp morgan and citibank as reported by the us office of comptroller of currencies.. Silver bear cafe precious metals forum, 07.14.18- everyone is hoarding gold tom lewis. as de-dollarization continues, and even tiny nations have big plans for upping their gold reserves..

  • Ted butler: no silver manipulation after-all? | silver doctors
    "you might want to remember this the next time someone declares that no manipulation exists in silver or even better, that".
  • $7,000/oz silver and one bankor maybe two!
    Here's the specific quote just over 2:00 into the piece: "when the client calls up jp morgan, if we don't give them the best price then we don't get the business." so tell me blythehow did you make $3b off your commodity clients by offering them "the best price" and not trading for your own book?!.

Keiser report - 'crash jp morgan' special (ft. alex jones online - Ted butler says it’s hard to imagine jp morgan not setting off a big precious metals move higher in price. here’s why… continue reading...

Rick astley - never gonna give you up (video) - youtube online - Silver prices to surge – jp morgan has acquired a “massive quantity of physical silver”...

Ted butler: silver manipulation -? | silver doctors, " remember time declares manipulation exists silver , ...". $7,000/oz silver bank... !, Here' specific quote 2:00 piece: " client calls jp morgan, give price business." blythe... $3b commodity clients offering " price" trading book?!. Gold manipulation officially confirmed******* | market ..., Jason hommel replied : " silver stats valid based . , person 1000 interested silver, buying.. Gold 2020 forecast- gold silver & crytocurrency forecasts, Gold2020forecast. education. bo polny, fiat, david morgan, bitcoin, gerald celente, coins, silver, stock, currency, market, gold, collapse, greg hunter, gold 2020 forecast, prophet, september 23, inflation, nomi prins, manipulation, bix wier, prophets, earthquake, clif high, webbot, revelation 12, 2018, money, peter schiff, james turk, mike .... Cftc approves record $30 million award jp morgan ..., The cftc finally approved expected largest award history whistle-blower-awards program: bloomberg, commission authorized $30 million award information jp morgan neglecting inform wealthy asset-management clients conflicts interest involving bank' .... Here' $100,000/oz silver conservative estimate, But ' "fair market " monster short bubble unwound... 5) winding outrageous manipulative silver derivative positions held jp morgan citibank reported office comptroller currencies.. Silver bear cafe precious metals forum, 07.14.18- hoarding gold tom lewis. de-dollarization continues, tiny nations big plans upping gold reserves..