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    A. no. a minor may not independently request or purchase a paypal prepaid card. however, the primary cardholder of a paypal prepaid card account may request a secondary card, at no additional cost, for a minor..
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    Can couriers deliver to remote areas? yes, wherever you are, we will be able to deliver the products to you. fedex or dhl might in some cases apply a nominal "remote area charge"..

Sheeps and neeps - youtube online - Paypal is the global leader in online payment transactions. find answers to your common online payment questions & more here!...

Rick astley - never gonna give you up (video) - youtube online - Verification of identity increases customer trust because it creates a higher level of confidence that a person is who they say they are. when other paypal users see that you are a verified user, they know you have taken the steps to provide additional evidence of your identity....

Frequently asked questions - paypal, A. . minor independently request purchase paypal prepaid card. , primary cardholder paypal prepaid card account request secondary card, additional cost, minor.. Faq & support | gearbest., Can couriers deliver remote areas? , , deliver products . fedex dhl cases apply nominal "remote area charge".. Donating apache software foundation, The apache software foundation (asf) 501()(3) nonprofit charitable organization depends variety funding sources sustain day--day activities..