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  • Astraweb paypal issues : usenet - reddit
    Paypal had a deadline for tls 1.2 by the end of june for all merchants. bouncing around astrawebs site seems to show the cert is still tls 1.0 but i randomly get a 1.2 if i click the right links so there is problems there..
  • Paypal bans usenet providers over piracy concerns
    The usenet providers can no longer accept paypal payments and the funds that remain in their accounts have been frozen for 180 days. while this is the first time that we have heard about usenet providers being banned, the actions don’t come as a complete surprise..

Astraweb paypal issues : usenet - reddit, Paypal deadline tls 1.2 june merchants. bouncing astrawebs site show cert tls 1.0 randomly 1.2 click links problems .. Paypal bans usenet providers piracy concerns ..., The usenet providers longer accept paypal payments funds remain accounts frozen 180 days. time heard usenet providers banned, actions don’ complete surprise.. Usenetserver accepting paypal - usenetserver blog, Usenetserver accepting paypal. july 7, 2010 | 2 comments. july 7, 2010 – usenetserver, top-tier, usenet provider, announced today accepting payments paypal. usenet newsgroup access service. usenetserver proud excited offer paypal™ usenet subscribers internationally part continued dedication provide users .... Paypal making problems usenet - usenetreviewz., Paypal hasn’ allowed usenet providers process payments years . company aim vital set internet services, reasons stopped usenet subscriber payments. paypal, ’ copyright infringement. paypal paypal prohibits products facilitate copyright […]. - scam ! - paypal community, Help! december minute dissertation believed site . Help canceling free trial? • /usenet - reddit, So days , account download book needed class. ended borrowing book friend,.... Newsdemon - official site, Newsdemon newsgroups fastest usenet access 5mbps 1000mbps connection. servers united states europe, newsdemon -throttled newsgroups access 256-bit secure server connections. - reliable binary retention 3623 days! newsgroup retention measure long article active news server ....