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    Marzia bisognin (italian: [ˈmartsja bizoɲˈɲin], venetian: [bizoˈɲiŋ]; born 21 october 1992), better known by her youtube username marzia (formerly cutiepiemarzia), is an italian internet personality who also ventures in writing, fashion designing, and business..
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    Marzia zofia bisognin (born: october 21, 1992 [age 25]), better known online as marzia, formerly cutiepiemarzia, is a uk-based italian youtube fashion and beauty vlogger. marzia specializes in making videos on fashion, make-up, hair, diy/how-to videos, cooking videos, as well as miscellaneous.
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Marzia bisognin - wikipedia, Marzia bisognin (italian: [ˈmartsja bizoɲˈɲ], venetian: [bizoˈɲŋ]; born 21 october 1992), youtube username marzia ( cutiepiemarzia), italian internet personality ventures writing, fashion designing, business.. Marzia | wikitubia | fandom powered wikia, Marzia zofia bisognin (born: october 21, 1992 [age 25]), online marzia, cutiepiemarzia, uk-based italian youtube fashion beauty vlogger. marzia specializes making videos fashion, -, hair, diy/- videos, cooking videos, miscellaneous.... Try cringe challenge 2 (/ marzia) - youtube, This feature . .. Cutiepiemarzia youtube stats, channel statistics ..., Cutiepiemarzia youtube statistics summary page. discover daily channel statistics, estimated earnings, cutiepiemarzia ranking charts, ! socialblade.. Pewdiepie proposed longtime girlfriend, marzia bisognin, Youtube stars marzia bisognin felix kjellberg, aka pewdiepie, engaged. , ' wearing engagement ring instagram post announcing, "felix proposed!!" kjellberg posted picture twitter..