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Telehealth Options

The term telehealth means delivering health care via telecommunications technology and electronic information. In simple terms, telehealth makes it possible for doctors to provide healthcare to long distance patients whenever a need arises, by means of digital technology. These long distance patients could be patients who don’t have transport fees to visit clinics, sickly, elderly or disabled who may have mobility challenges and other patients may experience difficulties due to bad weather conditions. Other people choose telehealth care because they want to save time and they don’t want to be late for work. Most people choose telehealth over other health care means because accessing it is much easier and it’s also economical because it’s not necessary to visit the health care offices. Besides with telehealth, patients have more healthcare options because they can consult doctors, dentists, counselors, therapist as well as pediatricians.

Telehealth is becoming a growing trend today, due to its many benefits. First and foremost, telehealth has really expanded access to healthcare in a world which has insufficient healthcare specialists, clinics, and healthcare systems. Various ways in which telehealth has improved health care today include; reaching patients living in remote areas, offering health care education by means of technology platforms like telephones and connecting with patients beyond the care delivery system. Telehealth has also improved clinical workflow which in turn has resulted to fast and efficient solutions to patients. For instance, telehealth platforms, have made it possible for healthcare staff to deliver better healthcare guidelines as they are able to capture patients inquiries faster. Telehealth systems also enable healthcare providers to capture patients’ information in an organized manner. Storing patients’ information in an organized manner leads to better medical care provision, fastens care delivery and lowers medical expenses. The medical examination which uses digital transmission and pathological data is known as telepathology.

Telehealth has contributed heavily in making the healthcare industry better. Instead of visiting healthcare facilities, most families are now opting for video consultations with health professionals. Parents that have children with disabilities waste so much time while traveling to see long distance doctors, just to acquire their test results. Patients can save much time and hassles by simply using video consultations and gives room for interactions between patients and doctors. Besides, doctors can as well benefit from telehealth systems, as they allow provision of healthcare to patients living abroad or those who are unable to travel due to other reasons like harsh weather conditions. Telehealth allows doctors to save time, since they don’t have to travel to different hospitals, reach greater number of patients and provide health care and share health knowledge. Rural doctors can also acquire knowledge and increase their health education by learning from other doctors through telehealth technology.

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