FOX News Ratings

Category: Others | 03 July 2019
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Have you ever believed that recently, why FOX News ratings skid have their value? Now, if you consider that the message they run the segment again and so you need to for 15 minutes just to see it, and you will have all the news with conservative tendencies.

Segment messages up to 3-4 minutes between advertising, which some people say, the attention span of Nat, or an average of US citizens really brain. But there are other reasons, because many people are looking for better coverage on CNN or stay at the weather in the Weather Channel; Now the Ministry of the storm, as they themselves claim, perhaps for them, but the Weather Channel certainly isn’t FOX News network and if they are wise, they will buy it now they can.

But FOX News show went overboard there with a stupid lawyer. People hate lawyers and even FOX News their roles give too much credibility. In addition, the concept of fair and balanced barely offset the news media bias with conservative tendencies. Which is fine with me, but I wish they’d rather they hear all the time as cutting some of the guests liberal longer?


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