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All You Want to Know About Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy uses infra-red laser beams as treatment for an entire range of health conditions such as hair loss. Also known as low level light therapy, soft laser and several other names, LLLT is a pain-free procedure that can be done in a short period of time. It works by decreasing inflammation and increasing local blood flow, leading to the stimulation of hair growth. It is approved by the FDA and has concrete scientific evidence backing it as a safe and effective hair restoration method.

LLLT and Baldness

LLLT treats a particular type of baldness called androgeneic alopecia or simply female or male-pattern baldness. This is a genetic condition that is found to be the most common reason behind hair loss in both sexes. About 50% of males over 40 and around 75% of females older than 65 have it.

Androgenetic alopecia is caused by a gene that increases a person’s sensitivity to the dihydrotestoserone (DHT) androgenic hormone, which builds up in the roots of hair follicles. This usually results in hair follicles becoming smaller and smaller until they become dormant and hair stops growing.

How LLLT Fights Baldness

There are three stages in the hair growth process – first, the anagen phase, which is when hair actually grows; second, the catagen phase, also known as the transition phase where hair follicles shrink; and lastly, the telogen phase, which is when hair follicles become dormant and hair simply falls off. LLLT corrects baldness by bringing hair follicles back to the anagen growth phase, a process involving the creation of a wavelength – about 630 to 670 nanometers – that can penetrate through hair follicle molecules. This type of light can stimulate epidermal stem cells that are responsible for hair follicle regeneration. With the increased blood flow that comes with LLLT, hair follicles also get more access to oxygen and nutrients. Lastly, LLLT pumps up metabolic process that are needed for hair growth and help minimize the buildup of DHT in the follicles.

Devices and Treatment Time

Experts recommend LLLT twice or thrice a week, whether at a salon or at home, with each session lasting 8-10 minutes. Results are usually visible after the second or third month of treatment.

If you’re searching for a solution to hair loss, you will find lots of treatments out there that unfortunately don’t work or aren’t proven to work. Sometimes, you will read about treatments that many have found to be effective yet unsafe. If all you want is a treatment that works without putting your health on the line, low level laser therapy is definitely worth a look.

Of course, what LLLT ultimately does for you will largely depend on where you sought the treatment. A bit of research can make a huge difference.

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