Intensive Subsistence Agriculture

Category: Agriculture | 08 July 2019
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Intensive subsistence agriculture is more common in high populous societies where the demand for food is higher. Farmers apply various cultivation techniques to get the most out of their land. One such method is the use of commercially produced fertilizer to ensure that crops get all the nutrients they need for a bountiful yield. The introduction of effective water management systems, such as terracing for rice paddies, has also proved useful. In addition to improving the viability of the land, farmers may rely on pesticides and herbicides to prevent or control the threat brought by pests and weeds.

In traditional subsistence agriculture, farmers use their land to produce enough food to feed their families. With intensive subsistence farming, however, farmers are able to produce even more food. This allows them to produce enough food for family consumption while still having enough product for sale or exchange.

Intensive subsistence agriculture isn’t the only method of farming available. In many countries, plantation agriculture has become popular. It involves the mass planting and production of fruits, vegetables and cash crops.


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