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  • Ligma | know your meme
    Ligma is a fictional disease associated with a death hoax orchestrated by instagram user ninja_hater that claimed fortnite streamer ninja had passed away after contracting the disease..
  • Ligma | peppa pig fanon wiki | fandom
    Ligma is a viral infection, later turned disease, that has since spread over much of the world. most of the time, ligma is harmless, but ligma can be lethal. there is no cure, but symptoms disappear after three to four weeks. if the symptoms continue for more than three months, ligma will always be fatal..

Ligma | meme, Ligma fictional disease death hoax orchestrated instagram user ninja_hater claimed fortnite streamer ninja passed contracting disease.. Ligma | peppa pig fanon wiki | fandom, Ligma viral infection, turned disease, spread world. time, ligma harmless, ligma lethal. cure, symptoms disappear weeks. symptoms continue months, ligma fatal.. What ligma? fortnite streamer ninja' fictional disease, Ligma appeared part death hoax popular fortnite streamer ninja. hoax death image posted instagram, reshared ninja passed ligma..... Urban dictionary: ligma, sugma, A word mentally challenged 20- year olds funny... yeah ligma, sugma kabug november 17, 2018 ligma, sugma mug fish josé..