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Category: Entrepreneurship | 23 June 2019
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The one fact that has been appreciated by many in the marketing field is that the success of any marketing campaign will be largely influenced by the nature of the integration there is in the marketing strategies employed as compared to when only a single channel is relied on for results. One perfect area to illustrate this idea is with the use of the two marketing models-SMS marketing and email marketing.

Email marketing, today has turned to be a specialized function. Relevant email substance, is one of the sure ways that a business will be able to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients and customers. The interesting fact is that a number of the email messages, over 50% of the emails, are nowadays accessed via the use of the mobile devices that we have such as tablets and others such as the nowadays widespread in use smart-phones.

As amazing as that may sound and seem, you will be further be bewildered by the rate at which SMS’s are opened using the same devices, nearly all and at the lowest rate, 98%. In as much as each of these two methods actually do have their own peculiar benefits, the fact as well is that they have some features that they share in common and as such make them be a combination of marketing campaign that will be as cohesive and bear your business magnificent results in the end of the campaign. Read on and see some of the email campaigns that will yield better results when they are supported by SMS marketing.

The Text-to-Join Campaigns, which are basically an appeal message to your target customers to subscribe to a service are an example of what email messages will benefit from business texting. All that you will be supposed to do is to make sure that after you have sent out emails to your target audience to their email addresses you have it followed with a business text message appealing to them to join your subscription list.

Given the fact that over 90% of text messages are read quite fast, in about a minute or two, by sending out the business text message you will have significantly boosted your chances at getting a positive response from your target. By using the SMS’s as a means or platform for communicating with your customers, you will be in a position to segment your list and in turn enable you to send out rather targeted messages to the target audience.

The other kind of email messages that is greatly supported by the use of SMS marketing is the invites to events. After you have sent the email to the customers and expected attendees to the event formally via their email addresses, you will then need to follow it up, a day or two to the D-day, with a business text or SMS to remind them to attend.


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