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Ways of Controlling Lake Weeds

Its very crucial to control lake vegetation since its very dangerous to navigators and lake animals. The IPM approach will provide you with a framework for proper weed control. The IPM involves the use of chemicals, natural and machines to control lake weeds. Its good to start controlling weeds before they start spreading all over the sea. You don’t have to worry since in this article I will give the methods you need to effectively manage the weeds.

Use of biological ways is not complicated and is easy. You can employ the triploid grass carp. In this method you use the triploid grass carp. Before using this method you should have a license. The value of the triploid depends on the area and the types of vegetation. Its is therefore critical to restock them regularly to maintain pest management. Biological methods are affordable and also available since you use natural means.

You can also employ mechanical ways to manage weeds. Despite the fact that mechanical means are not affordable, they can give good results. If you choose to use mechanical method to remove weeds then you have to remove the remains to prevent them from decomposing which could cause poor aeration in the lake. It’s advisable to use mechanical weed control immediately the weeds starts growing in the lake. Instant removal of weeds prevent spreading.

Use of chemicals is also effective in removing weeds. Chemical application should be done keenly. Before you use chemicals you should get a licence or employ specialists. Despite the fact that the method is costly, it’s the best in removing weeds. You need to hire a professional since when chemical elimination is not done well, it may increase the number of weeds removed and cause poor aeration. Poor aeration causes killing of fish and dangerous disease breakouts and can be homes to parasites.

You can also use the herbicides to remove the weeds. The application of herbicides is effective during the spring season when the temperature of the water is low and the concentration of oxygen is high. On the other side, chemical treatment for emerged vegetation is best done during winter periods because the plants will be inactive. You should make sure that you apply the herbicide on only a small portion of the pond and not everywhere. Using the herbicides on some places of the lake and leaving others will help you attain proper circulation. You should initially inspect the type of weeds and then choose a proper strategy to manage them. Proper weed control increase aeration in water and helps increase the number of aquatic species and for easy navigation by sailors. All these methods should be used for proper weed management.

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