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Why You Should Consider Using Mileage and Tracking Applications for Business

Recording, the number of miles, travelled every day manually was a tedious task that was done a few years ago as a business practice. Failure of a drive to record trips taken would lead to incorrect mileage data. When tax seasons would approach, they had to go looking for all receipts and scraps of paper they had recorded their trips. Fortunately, the situation has changed in the current times due to modern technology where there are devices that can monitor the mileage. A few of the reasons why you might want to consider mileage and tracking applications will be outlined below.

Smartphones have become common in this field since they are less bulky and perform equal tasks as laptops. For you to access the application, you need to start by installing it on your phone. The phone needs to be connected to the car through Bluetooth so that it can record starting and stopping times of the vehicles automatically. This application helps the driver maintain a full report of all the trips made using the vehicle. Some of the mileage tracking applications have GPS which the driver can make use of. This will help you to have the ability to see the route that you are supposed to follow especially when driving on unfamiliar roads. To avoid driving as you look through your phone, install a dash mount on your vehicle to avoid unsafe driving.

With a tracking application, you do not have to worry about preparing much paperwork that follows the IRS rules. You can easily pull a report for the IRS from the database of the application. The IRS demands that you file a comprehensive report of mileage so that you can get compensated for every mile covered. Receipts are necessary if the car’s expenses are over seventy-five dollars while in travel. The camera on your smartphone will help you capture a photo of every receipt which when submitted to the IRS will fetch higher tax exemptions.

As a business person who is in charge of quite a number of vehicles, a tracking application will be of help. This application will help you know where your vehicles are at specific times. It is, therefore, easy to point out drivers who are more productive depending on the tasks they complete. The other advantage is that drivers can receive updates regarding the state of the roads from these applications. It will help him or her make necessary route changes to avoid any inconvenience such as running late. You can also monitor the speed of the vehicles which helps you warn drivers that are being careless and breaking the law.

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