Supply Chain Management

Category: Management | 15 June 2019
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Supply chain management (SCM) can be defined as the planning, execution and monitoring of the daily operation of a supply chain. Supply chain management is a comprehensive process as it intervenes in the management of the availability of raw materials, processing to finished products and distribution. The purpose is to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction and thus increase the business activity of the company. And with the increasing complexity of the supply chain, supply chain management has also been presently involved in the supply chain coordination and collaboration with trading partners.

Supply chain management is expected to be undertaken by senior management. Employees must be willing to ensure their decisions to ensure maximum efficiency in the supply chain.

Tactical, strategic and operational: Supply chain management decisions are made on three levels. The strategic level means long-term decisions, while the tactical level includes medium-term decisions, while the operational level is about very short-term daily operational concerns.

The problems that the supply chain management must include the following:

With this whole managed supply chain management, an integrated supply and demand management within and between companies away.


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